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Stress-Free Group Travel

Our sole purpose is to provide travel itineraries that best suit each individual client, with fares that are far below what is available through regular internet travel sites or the airlines.

Through negotiated private contracts with over a dozen major airlines, we can provide you and your group with “missionary/humanitarian” airfare at prices that are significantly lower than you can find on any travel website. With 25 years of of travel experience, we arrange the most suitable itineraries for each trip, no matter if it’s for one person or a large group.

These low-price humanitarian fares are not available on every flight, but when available, they can save your mission hundreds of dollars and  in many cases allow you to pay for the airfare at a later date. Missionary/humanitarian fares also allow for extra checked luggage at no additional cost, which is a great help if you are taking items to be left at the serving location.

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