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"Make straight the way for the Lord"
- John 1:23

Master Complex Itineraries

We arranged a multi-stage trip for a humanitarian worker living in the middle east. He was at a conference in another part of the world when he found he needed to change his return flights to a closer date. He emailed us with this changes. This happened on a weekend and found that the original airline did not fly to his destination on the date he needed.


We were able to get an alternative airline to accept the ticket from the first airline and got him back home on his preffered new schedule. The original airline even walked with him to the replacement airline to make sure everything worked out.

Overcome Unexpected Flight Delays


Many times delays in flights to a transiting airport can cause huge problems. The departing first flight for one group I arranged travel for had a four hour delay in departing from the USA due to a late arrival of the aircraft from Europe. This caused a snowball effect since the connection flight in the transiting city departed while this flight was still crossing the Atlantic.


Working with the airline, I was able to have the airline  house the group in a hotel near the connecting airport in Europe at no extra cost and then put them on an early flight which got them to their destination earlier than the original itinerary called for.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We received this compliment from the missions secretary at  a large missions church,
“Your services are highly valued by us. We don’t know how we could get our people where they need to go without your great service. Thank you Thank you.”

Another church wrote,
“Thanks for arranging such an excellent trip for us to Ethiopia. The airline was great and the connections worked perfectly”

Another church says,
“On behalf of our team, thank you so much for all the work you put into getting our Dominican Republic team some great flights and prices, Many blessings to you.”

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